The real issue

Jack Bates jbates at
Tue Apr 21 23:43:50 CDT 2009

Shane Ronan wrote:
> No, but they can sure send them a bill and then go after them for
> collections when they don't pay it.

1) I don't care to pay higher member fees because ARIN has been going to 
court left and right.

2) ARIN membership hasn't voted for such, because they probably didn't 
want to pay higher fees.

3) Some of the "legacy" networks are the richest and meanest networks on 
the planet, and you can't go after the little guys without taking the 
big guys to court; you'll lose.

4) Join the ARIN mailing list for the lengthy boring discussion, and 
read their long archives that probably have touched all these points and 
actually are on topic.

5) If ARIN convinces people to blackhole your routes due to non-payment, 
this might be a list to discuss it on; though I doubt it.


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