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On Apr 21, 2009, at 4:42 PM, Shane Ronan wrote:

> C) Are ARIN's books open for public inspection? If so, it might be  
> interesting for the group to see where all our money is going, since  
> it's obviously not going to outreach and solution planning. Perhaps  
> it is being spent in a reasonable manner, and the fees are where  
> they need to be to sustain the organizations reasonable operations,  
> but perhaps not.

It is a little out of date and not terribly detailed but they did post  
the 2008 budget at:

Budget is just over 13M.  About 1/2 of that is salaries/benefits  
(maybe more if you add in 'legal fees').

A couple of interesting notes when looking at it:

12+M divided by the 3300 "members" is just shy of $4,000 per customer.

Payroll is $5,707,134 for 47 full time employees.  That is an average  
salary of $121,428 across all employees.

Internet Research and Support is $164,500

Travel (which includes travel for board members, etc) is $1,315,349.

There is more detail but older data at:


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