Important New Requirement for IPv4 Requests

David Conrad drc at
Tue Apr 21 10:36:17 CDT 2009

Oddly enough, someone proposed something very much along these lines  
at a couple of RIR meetings (see "IPv4 Soft Landing"), and in fact  
used the 'driving into a brick wall' analogy.  Many of the folks who  
commented on that policy proposal felt it was inappropriate for RIRs  
to dictate business models (that is, if an ISP doesn't want to move to  
IPv6, it wouldn't be 'right' for an RIR to force them to).   The  
proposer eventually gave up as the impedance mismatch between reality  
and the RIR policy making process became too great to observe without  
breaking into uncontrollable giggles.


On Apr 20, 2009, at 7:56 PM, Matthew Moyle-Croft wrote:
> ARIN should ask companies to demonstrate:
> - demonstration of routing of an IPv6 range/using IPv6 address space
> - demonstration of services being offered over IPv6
> - a plan to migrate customers to IPv6
> - automatic allocation of IPv6 range instead of IPv4 for those who  
> can't do so.
> ie.  No more IPv4 for you until you've shown IPv6 clue.
> Then people can't just get away with driving into the brick wall of  
> IPv4-allocation fail.
> (Not sure if I'm serious about this suggestion, but it's there now).
> On 21/04/2009, at 9:09 AM, Joe Greco wrote:
>> Let me see if I can understand this.
>> We're running out of IPv4 space.
>> Knowing that blatant lying about IP space justifications has been an
>> ongoing game in the community, ARIN has decided to "do something"  
>> about
>> it.
>> So now they're going to require an attestation.  Which means that  
>> they
>> are going to require an "officer" to "attest" to the validity of the
>> information.
>> So the "officer," most likely not being a technical person, is  
>> going to
>> contact ...  probably the same people who made the request, ask  
>> them if
>> they need the space.  Right?
>> And why would the answer be any different, now?
>> ... JG
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>> With 24 million small businesses in the US alone, that's way too  
>> many apples.
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