So I've got this 2.5gig wave, what do I do with it?

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Fri Apr 17 14:02:29 CDT 2009

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> > I haven't used MRV but they look appealing, would love to hear other
> folks
> > experience with them as I'm about to have to turn another two of these
> > up...
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> We use the MRV LamdaDrivers and they work well.  We use the EM2009-G2 on
> our own dark fiber loops and provide dual GE connectivity on a single 2.5G
> wavelength.  Equipment is pretty barebones, but quite solid.  Management
> module can be rebooted without loss of light on any interfaces (besides
> those terminated on the management module, of course).  There's plenty of
> options for SFPs wrt distances.  However, since the OP is receiving a lit
> signal from the carrier, I'm not entirely sure it will work in his case,
> as I *believe* the trunk port requires a WDM SFP, not a standard
> 850/1310/1550.  I could certainly be wrong, though.
> -evt

Sorry to respond to my own post, but I was getting the EM2009-GM2 mixed up with another module we use.  We do use the EM2009-GM2, but it does not have an SFP trunk port - it's just a pair of SC connectors on the trunk side.  Looks like it can be configured for a specific wavelength by the setting of some jumpers on the module, and it looks like 1310 is possible.


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