Alex H. Ryu r.hyunseog at ieee.org
Fri Apr 17 10:13:03 CDT 2009

Theorically it's doable.
But mostly No to your questions.

IXP means Internet eXchange Point.
So it is public Internet. Why do you want to use private IP address ?

Most RIR allocate /24 unit for IXP.
For troubleshooting purpose, it is better to use public IP address as it
is designed.
Unless you want to have MPLS/VPN only connections, and use private IP
Addr/ASN between them.

Sharlon R. Carty wrote:
> Hello NANOG,
> I like would to know what are best practices for an internet exchange. I
> have some concerns about the following;
> Can the IXP members use RFC 1918 ip addresses for their peering?
> Can the IXP members use private autonomous numbers for their peering?
> Maybe the answer is obviuos, but I like to know from any IXP admins what
> their setup/experiences have been.

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