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Rod Beck Rod.Beck at hiberniaatlantic.com
Wed Apr 15 12:37:36 CDT 2009

Hi Richard, 

I never said that protected LAN PHY 10 GigE was more expensive than two diversely routed waves. However, Hibernia's engineers have advised that route protected LAN PHY 10 GigE will tolerate a relatively high BER before switching. I stand by that statement. 

I said that protected STM64 service was more expensive and that is true. Not only do you need two diversely STM64 waves, but you need protection as well. 

Finally, you're wrong about "trying to charge what the market will bear". 

I have sold almost 30 ten gig waves (leases) and I have only received one request (global bank) for protected service. When I priced at the twice the price of an unprotected service plus a 10% premium, that request was downsized to a protected STM16. 

Customers in general are simply not willing to pay for protection. Indeed, most of them prefer to load balance among diversely routed 10 gig waves or buy waves on several network or cable systems. 

And there are incumbents and competitive carriers that want to protect the service themselves. 

How many protected waves do you have? :)

Roderick S. Beck
Director of European Sales
Hibernia Atlantic
13-15, rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris

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