Looking for AT&T / Verizon / Sprint WWAN service impressions - on oroff-list replies welcome

Holmes,David A dholmes at mwdh2o.com
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My understanding is that AT&T uses an MPLS/VRF CE router facing the user
such that the resulting network connectivity is a private MPLS VPN. VZW
apparently requires the user to implement a GRE/IPSec configuration just
to reach their MPLS/VRF layer. The resulting user router config is thus
much simpler with AT&T. Haven't heard about Sprint though.

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I'm considering use of AT&T / Verizon / Sprint WWAN services and the
Cisco 3G router interface cards/integrated module in C880 routers for
primary or backup WAN network connectivity for routers.

I'm looking for information from users of these services on the

- addressing - Do these WWAN services use dynamic, PPPoE or static IP
assignment typically? Any of the 3? All?
   - is static IP assignment available?

- do these service providers use NAT within their network?

- How is the service reliability?  In most cases, is the service
available for use when you need to use it?
- How is the service coverage area?  Do you have problems getting
sufficient coverage in the deplouyment location to support desired
speeds (say 512kbps up/down as a minimum)?
- is ESP / IKE / IPsec permitted through un-rate-limited and un-molested
by the providers?
- If you build a IPsec/GRE tunnel over these services, do you have
frequent issues with the tunnel dropping, or a dynamic routing protocol
running through the tunnel going down frequently?

Also interested in similar information on impressions of similar EMEA
WWAN service providers, particularly Vodaphone and T-Mobile, if anyone
has experiences with these.

Replies on-list or off-list are welcome.... Your choice.

Cisco 3G interface and provider information:




Sam Crooks


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