Fiber cut in SF area

Gino Villarini gav at
Tue Apr 14 15:12:07 CDT 2009

Here in my area most of business outfits that require maximum
availability of Internet or WAN conenctions have implemented dual
connections from dual providers, most with a fiber/copper main and a
fixed wireless backup.  This trend goes from banks to Mcdonalds  

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> "Earth is a single point of failure."

On top of that, one basic principle of telecommunications:

No matter how much diversity and path redundancy, tons of concrete or
titanium sealed fiber vaults you have, in the data exchange between
points A and B there will be always two single points of failure: A and

IMHO, this thread is getting way off topic, boring and useless.

Fiber cut is over, there will be many more, move on ...


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