Outside plant protection, fiber cuts, interwebz down oh noes!

Dan Armstrong dan at beanfield.com
Mon Apr 13 08:28:36 CDT 2009

I know it's fun to have these sort of discussions...... however, here  
in Toronto anyway all of the splicers, construction people and other  
contractors all know each other enough to be able to spot somebody  
thats not auposed to be there.  The city inspectors are cruising all  
day looking for health and safety violations, traffic inspectors are  
looking for issues, and the"cop
Maffia" is making sure you have a pay duty cop. Unless you were  
incredibly lucky, a rogue crew at work In a chamber would be caught  
very quickly.

On 13-Apr-09, at 9:07 AM, "Jamie Bowden" <jamie at photon.com> wrote:

> You forgot the clip board.  Without the clip board, no one will  
> believe
> it.
> J
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>>> 3) From what I understand it's not trivial to raise a manhole
>>> cover. Most likely can't be done by one person. Can they be locked?
>>> Or were the carriers simply relying on obscurity/barrier to entry?
>> Your understanding is incorrect.  I'm an average sized guy and I can
>> pull a manhole cover with one hand on the right tool. It might take
>> 2 hands if it hasn't been opened recently and has lots of pebbles
>> and dirt jammed in around it.  It's like everything else: if you
>> know how to do it, and you have the right tool, it's simple.
> Agreed.  Manhole covers are very simple to remove.  I don't even need
> any tools.  I've removed countless manhole covers to retrieve balls,
> frisbees, etc., with nothing more than my bare hands.  It's a pretty
> trivial task.
> Think about it.  All anyone would need to do is pull up to the
> manhole, set a few orange cones around it, put on an orange vest and a
> hard hat, and crawl on in with your wire cutters and bolt cutter.
> Guaranteed NO ONE will even question it.
> -Andy

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