BGP FlowSpec support on provider networks

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> >> Can you name 3 major vendors who support it?  I suspect more
> >> providers would
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> > juniper... and when they dropped the IPR stuff other vendors
> basically
> > walked away :(
> Causing consultations with lawyers by others involved with the draft.
> Life is interesting.
> IPR, Politics and techie communication skills.  The path to failure.

I am familiar with the situation with the IPR and I have to say it's a
very disappointing turn of events.  I've long held Juniper in high
regard as a leader in innovation, but in this instance I feel their
actions are doing quite the opposite.

That aside, it's 2009 and we're still left with a situation where
methodologies which have been used for roughly a decade now (i.e. BGP
triggered destination-based filtering) is still considered the norm.
Now I realize that FlowSpec isn't a panacea, but it certainly meets some
of the requirements that many customers have today, and it gives us a
lot more flexibility over simply destination based filtering.  Whether
it's FlowSpec or something else, what's it going to take to get the
vendors and the providers to start moving forward on technologies that
are way overdue given the current trend of worms, botnets, and other
Internet nastiness?

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