Fiber cut in SF area

Robert M. Enger enger at
Thu Apr 9 14:58:32 CDT 2009

That AT&T has stopped provisioning protection fiber for automatic 
restoral is mind boggling.

That our crack (or on crack) govt contracting/emergency-preparedness 
staff didn't demand protected facilities for 911 is another mind 
boggling issue.

That there is no over-under wide-area back-up coverage for the cellular 
canopy ...

We posture and orate about being prepared for terrorist attacks and 
natural disasters, and then events like these reveal the reality:
    The emperor has no clothes.

Roy wrote:
> Service to South Santa Clara county is completely down: Internet,
> landline, and cellphones.  Both Verizon and AT&T are affected.  911 is
> also down.
> My cellphones show one or no bars.   Normally they are all four bars.
> The idea that all of that is lumped in one fiber bundle is mind boggling.
> On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 11:05 AM, Matthew Kaufman <matthew at> wrote:
>> I saw my ADSL go dark at 02:30 local and it is still
>> down, served on a fiber remote out of SNCZCA01. (I'm guessing the 200 Paul
>> outages are associated with where this ATM terminates and that's the cause,
>> rather than the service in/out of Santa Cruz County, but I have no way of
>> telling which from here)
>> My own microwave to Equinix SV-3 is working fine (no surprise
>> there), and I'm not seeing significant routing problems in/out of there with
>> transit or peering. (Not even any down peers, so no inter-Equinix-site
>> outage apparently).
>> Matthew Kaufman
>> matthew at

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