attacks on MPLS?

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> Meh...
> Sure, it rehashes what we pretty well already know, "If a bad guy can
> get access to your network or your management tools, you're boned."
> It's still worth reminding folks that they need to take appropriate
> measures to defend and monitor these devices. Too many networks and
> servers get hacked not because the attacker was good, but because the
> administrators (some of whom tend to be good security guys) became
> complacent and stopped doing routine upkeep. So in that sense, a
> little fear can be a good thing.
> -Wayne

That right there, is right on the money. In my past, I've delt with so 
many folks that are of the mindset that they're invulnerable due to 
their firewalls, router acls, etc. Fear can be a very effective driving 
force to ensure that one is diligent in protecting the network that 
they're entrusted with. When that little amount of fear is replaced by 
over confidence, then most often, complacency comes shortly thereafter. 
At that point is when things can go south in a hot minute.


Micheal Patterson
Senior Communications Systems Engineer
Southern Plains Medical Group

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