options for full routing table in 1 year?

Kevin Loch kloch at kl.net
Thu Apr 9 00:20:28 CDT 2009

Jo Rhett wrote:

> Cisco 6500/7600 with SUP720-3BXL handles 1mil routes

Sounds great on paper but a sup720 can barely handle full tables today.
Depending on how many full tables you take and what else you are doing
with it, cpu resources are unreasonably tight. Having many vlans with
vrrp and snmp polling also adds significant cpu load.

Also, beware the memory consequences of 'maximum-paths' in bgp
context.  8 full tables from a transit provider with maximum-paths=8
will exceed available ram on a sup720. With 6 you will have ~128m free.
Fortunately this is not  a common configuration.

The rsp720 is substantially better at both of these issues.  However the
rsp720 is only supported in 76xx chassis (officially) so chassis
selection is important for future upgrades.

- Kevin

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