Nipper and Cisco configuration results

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I did see a few false positives too with Nipper.  What do you think about Router Audit Tool (RAT) instead?  I downloaded ncat (aka RAT), but it does not have a global configuration file which I can use for all the routers and switches I have.  Any tips on ncat/RAT configuration?  I could not find any examples on using ncat.

Subba Rao

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On Thu, 2009-04-02 at 15:33 -0700, Subba Rao wrote:
> I am using Nipper for verifying my Cisco configuration.  Nipper is
>  finding the "rlogin" service that is not in the configuration.  I have
>  searched the access lists and do not see it anywhere.  The explanation
>  by Nipper about this finding, "....Telnet protocol implemented by this
>  service...." is confusing.

The problem, IMHO, is nipper.  You might or might not have the rlogin
service enabled, but nipper has so many false positives I find is almost
useless.  In my case, it caught some obvious things I had forgotten to
do, but everything else was useless.  For instance from the nipper
source code:

struct vulnerability report_vuln_ios11 = {9, 0, 0, 12, 4, 0,
                          "CVE-2007-0479", "22208",
                          "IPv4 TCP listener denial of service",
                          true, false,
                          vuln_req_none, false, &report_vuln_ios12};

What the above means to nipper is any IOS version 12.0.x, 12.1.x,
12.2.x, 12.3.x is vulnerable, while every 12.4.x version is OK.  This is
obviously false on *both* counts.

I spent a lot of time trying to explain this to $corporate audit guy
that had never even logged into a router, let alone had to choose a
stable IOS version for 6500/7600 class hardware.

>   Here is the Nipper's output:


> Thank you in advance for any help.
> Subba Rao
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