Can you see these AS links:)

John van Oppen john at
Wed Apr 1 03:42:15 CDT 2009

This should be a pretty normal thing, not everyone just has transit
links...  route views only sees about 35 or 40 of our nearly 200
adjacencies and they are pretty comprehensive.   There is an argument
that you might be better off just emailing the ARIN or peering db
contacts of the ASNs you are interested in.


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Subject: Can you see these AS links:)

Hello folks,
As part of a research project here at Northwestern, we have found quite
few unexpected AS-level links that do not appear in public available BGP
tables. We really need your help in validating them; for anyone who
links associated with any AS, if you can assist us with this please
us off list.

- Kai

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