paix palo attitude

Randy Bush randy at
Tue Sep 30 11:45:19 CDT 2008

we're looking at dropping 2/3 of a rack of routing research measurement
kit into paix palo alto, and have some questions.  considering the price
of space and power, we want to kinda make sure we'll get the data we need.

we are looking specifically for a large amount of bgp peering data, we
hope that folk will give us bgp peering though we expect no in- or
out-bound traffic.  think analogously to route views, though the kit on
our end will be grinding the beans much more finely, espressoBGP :).

pnis are expensive.  if we plug into the peering mesh, are any larger
folk on it?

if not, would we be better off at the linx, at de-cix, at amsix, in

private replies are probably better as this is not of general interest.


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