Cisco interface - GB of transfer software

Jack Bates jbates at
Tue Sep 30 10:58:27 CDT 2008

Daniel Senie wrote:
> MRTG provides graphs of usage, but I'm not aware of it providing a 
> monthly total usage (or 95% or other) in report form (though would be 
> happy to learn otherwise).
> Does ntop provide a way to generate a monthly report?
> I believe the others posting are interested in this from a billing 
> perspective. I share their interest.

Cacti and MRTG both have support for rrdtool backends. How the rrd is processed 
is up to you. A simple script to poll data and do some basic math and email the 
results, or generate a graph. Cacti has several plugins for sending reports. 
MRTG users tend to just script additionals. It's not as gui oriented as cacti, IMO.

Each has pros and cons. If you have a sound internal php/mysql setup, cacti is a 
breeze and the plugin php scripts are cute for the non-techies.


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