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Blake Pfankuch bpfankuch at cpgreeley.com
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Amazingly its not a route problem.  Its actually confirmed an issue with the mail server.  Hense me asking for a mail services admin.  The issue is confirmed from 3 locations with 3 different ISP's and I do actually know whats going on.  I can connect to the server, but it will not allow me to send messages, even when authenticated.  Returns a 554.  It has been doing this with legitimate mail.  They do not have the ability to send outbound as they get a 554 from their home office.  The secondary smtp server links me to spamhaus saying that it will not allow relay based on an existing PBL entry.  The PBL entry is because it's a residential DHCP connection, and the PBL entry was put in place by the isp.  Please see http://www.spamhaus.org/pbl/query/PBL191963 if you have questions.

So.  Again.  Looking for a GoDaddy Mail services Admin.

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This would be when a tcp traceroute would be very helpful in diagnosing the


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Could I get a godaddy mail admin to contact me off list?  Ive been working
with a client who has a hosted website and mail services and lost the
ability to communicate with their SMTP server about 6 weeks ago.  Been
through about 4 hours on the phone with Godaddy Support and Comcast.


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