rackmount managed PDUs

Derek J. Balling dredd at megacity.org
Sun Sep 28 15:27:43 CDT 2008

I've pretty much completely sworn off 0U/Vertical PDUs.[1] In my  
experience, unless you're able to have on-hand, prior to cutting  
checks, all of the following: sample cabinets, sample servers, sample  
PDUs, you will NOT end up with a combo that doesn't suck in some  
fashion. Whether it's PDUs that block access to rear rails (as APC's  
0Us do, even in their own cabinets), or PDUs which have their supply  
cables come out of the PDU horizontally, blocking access to whole  
portions of the rear of the cabinet (as the HP 3-phase 208V60A PDUs do  
if used in anything other than the specially crafted HP cabinets).  
Never again.

To be honest, we made the decision simply to dedicate 4U (and 2U of  
horizontal cable-management) to our cabinet PDUs, and it's a decision  
I don't regret.


[1] http://blog.megacity.org/archives/2008/03/0u-pdus/

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