Renesys Blog Article [Was: Re: the Intercage mess]

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at
Sat Sep 27 23:55:49 CDT 2008

Henry Linneweh wrote:
> If a consensus can be reached here, we have seen a rise in this, that does raise concerns
> of a RIAA/MPAA type of mindset, which is detrimental
> vigilante Definition  vigi·lante (vij′ə lan′tē, -län′-) 

It is not vigilantism, it is the common law, rooted in ancient English
history, of the "shire reeve", who we now call the "sheriff".

The original duty of the shire reeve, among other things, was that he
was 1 man out of every 10 households, whose duty it was to check the
locks and gates of each house and barn, before himself retiring for the

Another name for the sheriff, is the "Conservator of the Peace", which
is, that on behalf of the community, he ensures that there is peace.

Each of the smaller networks connected to the larger Internet, has
someone whose job it is to be sure that the "locks and gates" are shut.

Telling everyone to be careful of the known thief and to take
precautions against him, is not slander, libel, or vigilantism.

Just common sense.


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