Renesys Blog Article [Was: Re: the Intercage mess]

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If a consensus can be reached here, we have seen a rise in this, that does raise concerns
of a RIAA/MPAA type of mindset, which is detrimental
vigilante Definition  vigi·lante (vij′ə lan′tē, -län′-) 
	1. a member of a vigilance committee
	2. any individual who acts outside of legal authority, often violently, to punish or avenge a crime, right a perceived wrong, etc.
vigi·lan·tism (vij′ə lan′tiz′əm, -län′-; vij′ə lən tiz′əm) 
the lawless, violent methods, spirit, etc. of vigilantes
vigilantism Related Forms
vig′i·lan′·tist adjective
vigilantism Usage Examples 
Noun used with modifier
	* 'Internet: But this has come under fire from many who see it as an example of 'Internet vigilantism ' that could destabilize Internet trading. 
Adjective modifier
	* self-appointed: We must, moreover, take action which is firm enough to pre-empt action by self-appointed vigilantes. =========================================================================

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On Wed, 24 Sep 2008, Paul Ferguson wrote:
> Just a side-note: Rensys has an interesting blog article up today on this
> Atrivo/Intercage "mess":
> FYI,

I have but one comment.

There is a difference between Vigilantism as it is perceived today and 
Vigilantism as it is in the dictionary. It means
neighborhood watch.

When the Police is not around, that is something you need. "It's for the 

All in all, very nice blog post. While I feel I can not yet fully comment 
on the whole Atrivo / Intercage depeering movement, there is an underlying
strategy to consider. I will comment at a later date.


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