breadcrumbs and collusion

Dave Howe DaveHowe at
Sat Sep 27 06:26:01 CDT 2008

Laurence F. Sheldon, Jr. wrote:
> michael.dillon at wrote:
>>>   However, it makes little sense to close your gate to keep the stray
>>> dogs out of your yard, if they can just come in via your neighbour's
>>> gate and climb over the fences.
>> It makes a lot of sense. Having closed your gate, and discovered
>> a stray dog in your back yard, you can call the animal control
>> people and they stand a good chance of catching that stray dog.
> Like most NANAE ...eerrr...NANOG metaphors this one is broken.

Well, the first draft had "junkies" rather than dogs, but I decided that
would cause issues in itself. Cats might be a better analogy though, you
can train a dog to know better....

> We are not talking about stray dogs, were are talking about bad behaviour.

Indeed so. unlike a stray dog, one that gets into your yard doesn't just
crap there, but all over the neighbourhood, leaving clear trails that
lead back to you.

> If I keep them from dealing that stuff in my parking lot I do several
> things, in approximate priority order:
> My clean customers don't have to suffer any effects of the bad guys
> being on my lot.

surely, but they still get dog crap on their boots

> The bad guys learn it is not a good place to try to deal.

They don't care. as long as they can get into your community *somewhere*
that is good enough, it doesn't matter to them where.

> The Law knows one place they don't have to worry about.

true, but the discussion wasn't regarding *not* keeping your yard clean,
but was regarding warning your neighbours so *they* can keep their yard
clean - and that there is a self-benefit (in that some of the dirt in
your yard comes from any dogs allowed into theirs) that would make it
reasonable to do so (and not unfair victimization of stray dogs)

and any suggestion that the Law would trust, just because you booted out
*one* set of dogs, that your yard would forever more remain clean,
confuses me. Perhaps you could explain further?

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