Estonian Cyber Security Strategy document -- now available online

Gadi Evron ge at
Fri Sep 26 09:08:35 CDT 2008


The Estonian cyber security strategy document is now available online.
I must say once again the concept of a national cyber security stance is quite

I decided to send a message to NANOG as the "fields of activity" part of 
the document clearly mentions ISPs in relation to national security and 

" 12
The growing number of Internet services means that the dependence of our 
daily activities and lifestyle on the security and proper functioning of 
information technology increases incessantly. The Internet is an important 
element of Estonia's critical information infrastructure: it is used daily 
by the majority of Estonian enterprises and state agencies as well as by 
more than half the population. The key components of Estonia’s critical 
information infrastructure, which constitute the IT infrastructure used by 
enterprises and agencies in the provision of e- services, include: 
Internet service providers, the name servers of the state, Estonia's 
root domain, network nodes, service servers and the firewalls of public 
and private organisations. The seamless operation of this infrastructure 
is vital to the daily functioning of the Estonian economy."

Those who wish to download the document:

My contact there specified she'd be happy to answer any questions. To avoid
spam of her inbox, email me for her address.

Gadi Evron.

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