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Noel Butler noel.butler at
Thu Sep 25 19:06:08 CDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-09-26 at 00:57, Colin Alston wrote:

> Tomas L. Byrnes wrote:
> > Or the highly likely scenario that the primary gateway accessible to the
> > survey tool is some load balanced SPAM filtering cluster, and not the
> > MTA in use as final delivery.
> > 
> Good point, real MTA in front of Excange is extremely common..

My spam filters seem to have eaten most posts in this thread :)

I have always believed in real humans casting votes for what they
favour, in place of some bot that scans mail servers and can return
stupid results like PIX etc which obviously is not the mail server, sure
this could also be sent to exim/postfix etc mailing lists and see them
all pop over to it, and I read via the archives someone posted about 
the OS base install, well, if thats what they left installed and using
it, then why should their vote not count? The fact some of us might have
100's of mail servers, doesn't mean much at all, for instance, DMail,
there might be 500 ISP's using it, they might have 50,000 DMail servers
between them, this means little, as ultimately one person, somewhere in
that organisation, decided DMail would be used in those 500 cases, be it
for personal or functionality reasons, the fact 1 million corporate,
Govt, and SOHO's decide to use Sendmail and Exim, means they each
deserve 1 million votes, as 1 million people ultimately decided that's
the MTA they would use, and I doubt those that are 'clueless' and just
use it for sake of using it because it was installed, wouldn't give a
rats about going to some poll anyway.

Cheers :)

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