DSL at MAE-East

George William Herbert gherbert at retro.com
Thu Sep 25 17:35:46 CDT 2008

> Matthew:
>> Mike Lyon:
>>> Matthew:
>>>> George:
>>>> Is there anyone who has successfully gotten DSL for out of band back
>>> Why would it not be better to get an Ethernet cross-connect to  
>> Or get an ISR with a 3G GSM card?
>I thought of that too right after I hit send... But I don't see many  
>scenarios where that is any better

Somewhat less likely to have common mode (backhoe, etc) failures if
it's DSL (or a 3G GSM or so forth).

We had a two-provider common mode failure at another site, and I've had
several in the past at other clients, one of which made it onto CNN...
So I now try to provision something more resistant to that.  

Note "resistant" not proof - I've also had enough "got groomed together"
failures including the uplinks for DSL providers and cell providers to
believe that these are truly guaranteed independent.  But we're trying
to do an acceptably reliably separated choice without going to Iridium
or Hughesnet.

-george william herbert
gherbert at retro.com

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