rackmount managed PDUs

Adam Rothschild asr+nanog at latency.net
Thu Sep 25 17:13:25 CDT 2008

Another vote for APC here.  We've deployed many hundreds in various
receptacle configurations, and n'er any failures.  The build quality
is definite cut above the competition, some with interiors that look
like they were assembled from duct tape and Radio Shack kits. :-)

As a word to the wise once you make it past the purchasing stage, the
software and IP stack is a bit fragile.  No show-stoppers, mind you,
just some items here and there which underscore the need for a proper
management infrastructure and OSS.

(For starters, you'll want to make sure you're running the latest
firmware, as outlets and entire SNMP OID trees have been known to
'vanish' on earlier builds.  Make sure they're ACLed tightly, as even
the smallest amount of stray packets or concurrent access will make
the unit unhappy.  And if you need to provide "remote reboot"
functionality to customers, create your own interface, or consider one
the off-the-shelf solutions, Ubersmith DE being a popular choice,
given the above constraints...)


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