breadcrumbs and collusion

Dave Howe DaveHowe at
Thu Sep 25 13:09:58 CDT 2008

bmanning at wrote:
> NANOG makes a fine archive of discoverable material in a court case 
> intending to show collusion to drive folks out of business.

> One presumes that each ISP here has some form of AUP and rules on 
> self-preservation roughly along the lines of "if there is material 
> impact to my network or my customers, I can do whatever it takes to 
> mitigate the traffic/intrusion".  One does not need to collaberate 
> with others before enforcing your own AUP.


  However, it makes little sense to close your gate to keep the stray
dogs out of your yard, if they can just come in via your neighbour's
gate and climb over the fences. And having to post armed guards on the
fences (because there are too many places to climb over) is no
substitute for trustworthy neighbours who keep their own yards in order,
plus its good neighbourliness, if you have had to shut your gate, to
warn your neighbours they might need to keep an eye on theirs.

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