rackmount managed PDUs

Paul Stewart pstewart at nexicomgroup.net
Thu Sep 25 11:45:53 CDT 2008

We have a lot of APC managed power bars (zero U vertical, and 19" 1U
rackmount) and they work great.  We SNMP manage them and access them via
web - they just work, and work well for our needs.  Tripplite we've had
issues with over time, especially their UPS units (SNMP sucks on them).

Hope this helps a bit..

Take care,


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http://www.webpowerswitch.com/  I've used these quite a bit.  Depending 
on the model you can get per port or per zone power management, and it 
sends alerts if it's not in the state it's supposed to be, and some of 
them can auto kickover things like routers if they suddenly cant route 
(might be dangerous, I don't use this one except at the CPE)


Justin M. Streiner wrote:
> As much as I hate to tear people away from the Intercage/Atrivo 
> debacle and semi-tangential rants, I'll take one for the team and do 
> it :)
> I have an opportunity coming up to rebuild an existing machine room 
> space to an extent.  It's not a total gut-and-refit, but I'll at least

> get to put in some new infrastructure.  That said, I'd be interested 
> in hearing about peoples' experiences with various rackmountable 
> managed PDUs.
> I have some Tripp Lite PDUMH30NETs that work well and are reasonably 
> priced, but they have a few quirks (no RS-232 console port, web 
> interface seems to be a little shaky with Firefox, etc) that would 
> become more annoying when scaled up to several rows of new rack 
> footprints.  I'm also open to using managed vertically mounted PDUs.  
> The plan is for each footprint to have "A" and B" feeds, so two 
> PDUMH30NETs would take up 4U per footprint, which is a bit much...
> I don't need to worry about distributing DC power - just AC.
> This site will be lights-out most of the time, so robust remote 
> management capabilities are a must.
> Any thoughts/insight are greatly appreciated.
> jms



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