the Intercage mess

James Ashton jashton at
Thu Sep 25 08:42:55 CDT 2008

>No, but forcing them offline now that they are taking a new approach to
>handling abuse is ridiculous.
>Intercage are reaching out to the anti-abuse community and yet some
>people on NANOG keep interfering with the cleanup process. How do you
>expect them to clean up their network and return to normal operations
>(with considerably less abuse) if it keeps being disconnected?
>The shit isn't even there anymore. These kids have moved it elsewhere.
>Intercage have learned their lesson, just leave them alone and let the
>people who have *real* problems (e.g. me, Andrew Kirch of AHBL,
>Spamhaus, Gadi, etc.) with Intercage deal with this.
>If anyone has any issue with Atrivo/Intercage that still needs
>rectification: please contact me or Andrew Kirch offlist and we will
>bring it to their attention. We have contact with these people, and they
>are listening and taking action to clean up their network.
>If not, then please stop with this thread. It's not helpful, and it's
>certaintly counter-productive.

 This above email is a bit off. It sounds a bit like you feel that Nanog is your (Gadi/you/Andrew/Spamhaus) stick to force Intercage to fall in line. Not that they have been whacked with the stick you want the rest of us to leave them along so YOU can deal with it.   But it is NOT your place to deal with it any more than it is mine. It is a community issue dealt with by the community and if the community (I.E. those who have killed intercage's connectivity) choose to keep it that way as opposed to taking the chance that this company, with a LONG history, will continue to spew unwanted traffic, well...   That's not your call.

 It is not your place to tell someone else how to run their network and it is not your place to deal with the intercage issue on behalf of anyone else.


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