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On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 8:24 PM, Blake Pfankuch <bpfankuch at>

> Ok, as this seems to have turned into a pissing match, can we slow this
> down a bit?  50+ emails a day for a week and nothing good of it?  Yes yes
> we have purged the internet of evil.  Instead of all the bickering and
> finger pointing, let's do something worthwhile like helping identify the
> root of the problem.  So [email protected] wasn't monitored previously.  It will be
> soon if you would give it a chance.  They are working on it, so I saw we
> lighten up on the pitchfork gig.  Everyone put down the torches and stop
> screaming witch.  Let's give them some time to actually act on a lot of
> the information they are getting from anti-abuse, and anything usable
> they might have been able to filter out of this flood of a week on nanog.
>  Perhaps we could revisit this in a month, not as a bash and finger point
> but more as a "hey here is one more thing you could do to help keep your
> network clean."

If you really think this was a simple matter of "...not monitoring [email protected]
mailboxes..." then you are highly misinformed. Nothing personal.

This will (hopefully) be my last post in this thread.


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