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Ok, as this seems to have turned into a pissing match, can we slow this down a bit?  50+ emails a day for a week and nothing good of it?  Yes yes we have purged the internet of evil.  Instead of all the bickering and finger pointing, let's do something worthwhile like helping identify the root of the problem.  So [email protected] wasn't monitored previously.  It will be soon if you would give it a chance.  They are working on it, so I saw we lighten up on the pitchfork gig.  Everyone put down the torches and stop screaming witch.  Let's give them some time to actually act on a lot of the information they are getting from anti-abuse, and anything usable they might have been able to filter out of this flood of a week on nanog.  Perhaps we could revisit this in a month, not as a bash and finger point but more as a "hey here is one more thing you could do to help keep your network clean."

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On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 8:10 PM, William Pitcock
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> I said _new_ approach. I agree that it was overdue, but they are being
> cooperative with the anti-abuse community, so I think it is appropriate
> to give them an opportunity to deliver on their promise. If they fail,
> then shut them off again.

That sounds reasonable to me.

> Esthost are nullrouted as of this morning. Even their administrative
> network is nullrouted.

That's only because after they tried to set up shop in NL, they were outed.

As I said, many eyes are watching -- and not just Atrivo/Intercage either.


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