the Intercage mess

Gadi Evron ge at
Wed Sep 24 09:45:25 CDT 2008

On Wed, 24 Sep 2008, *Hobbit* wrote:
> While it's good to see some community effort going toward slapping
> a lid on misbehaving sources, how about a little consistency in
> the bigger picture?
> Consider this sort of scenario:  An ISP allows its infrastructure
> to emit spam and host compromised machines to harbor malware and
> facilitate crime and botnets.  Its abuse mailbox is a black hole
> that is provably ignored.  All reasonable efforts to get the problem
> fixed fail.  Network operators band together and deroute the ISP's
> blocks, forcing them to either clean up their act or find something
> else to do with their time.  Internet death penalty, simple enough.
> If this happened to some of the other major sources of crap that
> I'm thinking of, it would make the freaking NATIONAL NEWS.  Where's
> the BACKBONE to go after the real high-volume sources, rather than
> continuing to kick sand in the face of some podunk little guy who
> can no longer defend himself?

This was one of the big guys, it's not their fault they did all that mess 
from less IP space.

It's like folks who say .biz, .info or .name are worse than .com. 
Obviously .com has more abuse but it is lost in the noise of the regular 
hugeness of its traffic.

> _H*

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