the Intercage mess

Andrew D Kirch trelane at
Wed Sep 24 09:33:38 CDT 2008

*Hobbit* wrote:
>  Where's
> the BACKBONE to go after the real high-volume sources, rather than
> continuing to kick sand in the face of some podunk little guy who
> can no longer defend himself?
> _H*
He never could defend himself, but he still hosts these companies 
(though months and years later he's finally terminated some of them).  I 
have talked to over a dozen people who report abuse who are utterly 
perplexed at the tone taken by Intercage.  I've SEEN archived abuse 
complaints from DronesBL, DOZENS of them.  These reports aren't for 
compromised machines, they're for C&C's that host THOUSANDS of 
compromised machines each.  When Gadi, when William Pitcock, when 
Spamhaus, when I, and DOZENS of others who watch these people say 
there's a problem, you'd best believe there's a problem. 


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