Seattle Peering

Chris Caputo ccaputo at
Tue Sep 23 18:41:55 CDT 2008

If you are in S&D/PAIX's facility, you have two options for connecting to 
the SIX:

 - direct to the SIX core via the fiber-meet-me-room, thus no VLAN.  You 
   won't get access to the PAIX-SEA fabric with this method, but if what 
   you really want is the SIX, this is the way to go.

 - direct to the PAIX-SEA switch, in which case you'll need to instruct 
   S&D to enable your port to also have access to the SIX fabric.  Your 
   router will have two VLAN interfaces on the port, one for PAIX-SEA and 
   one for the SIX.

Feel free to direct further questions to info at if you like.


On Tue, 23 Sep 2008, Paul Stewart wrote:
> Thanks very much... we have a price from S&D for the x-connect.  If we
> connect on the PAIX side (most likely) do we need multiple VLAN's?  I
> had planned on a single VLAN on the port for there - just need to
> understand ;)
> Thanks,
> Paul
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> On Thu, 18 Sep 2008, Michael K. Smith wrote:
> > Hello Paul:
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> > > Hi folks...
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> > > We're working on some plans to peer in the Seattle area.  Choices so 
> > > far considered are SIX and PAIX Seattle pretty much....
> > >
> > > I was of the impression that if you get a port on one of these 
> > > exchanges, you can connect to the other one as well?  Just looking 
> > > for clarification from folks who are connected out there..;)  Any 
> > > charges to go between the exchanges or it just included?
> >
> > Speaking from the SIX side, there is no charge to connect to the 
> > fabric if you supply the optics, and there is a one-time fiber cross 
> > connect charge of $200.00 US.  The SIX and PAIX are directly connected 
> > and you can peer across the fabric.  The SIX page is 
> > for more info or you can email me directly.
> And keep in mind that while the SIX and PAIX-SEA are directly connected,
> the exchanges are on different VLANs from the perspective of a PAIX-SEA 
> connection.
> If you connect on the SIX side, you can only reach the SIX fabric.  No 
> MRC.
> If you connect on the PAIX-SEA side, you can reach both the SIX fabric 
> and the PAIX-SEA fabric via a single router port.  For MRC talk to an 
> S&D rep.
> Chris

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