Seattle Peering

Paul Stewart pstewart at
Tue Sep 23 18:25:26 CDT 2008

Thanks very much... we have a price from S&D for the x-connect.  If we
connect on the PAIX side (most likely) do we need multiple VLAN's?  I
had planned on a single VLAN on the port for there - just need to
understand ;)



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On Thu, 18 Sep 2008, Michael K. Smith wrote:
> Hello Paul:
> On 9/18/08 8:01 AM, "Paul Stewart" <pstewart at> wrote:
> > Hi folks...
> > 
> > We're working on some plans to peer in the Seattle area.  Choices so
> > considered are SIX and PAIX Seattle pretty much....
> > 
> > I was of the impression that if you get a port on one of these
> > exchanges, you can connect to the other one as well?  Just looking
> > clarification from folks who are connected out there..;)  Any
charges to
> > go between the exchanges or it just included?
> Speaking from the SIX side, there is no charge to connect to the
fabric if
> you supply the optics, and there is a one-time fiber cross connect
charge of
> $200.00 US.  The SIX and PAIX are directly connected and you can peer
> the fabric.  The SIX page is for more info or
> can email me directly.

And keep in mind that while the SIX and PAIX-SEA are directly connected,

the exchanges are on different VLANs from the perspective of a PAIX-SEA 

If you connect on the SIX side, you can only reach the SIX fabric.  No 

If you connect on the PAIX-SEA side, you can reach both the SIX fabric
the PAIX-SEA fabric via a single router port.  For MRC talk to an S&D




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