eigrp and managed ethernet

Jeremy_Lunsford at playstation.sony.com Jeremy_Lunsford at playstation.sony.com
Tue Sep 23 11:32:09 CDT 2008

Are you 100% positive that the link is really not passing any traffic? 
Have you looked at interface stats to verify that there are no incoming 
packets?  I'd suggest running some EIGRP debug commands during the outage 
to verify if you are really not getting any packets..

Philip Lavine <source_route at yahoo.com> 
09/23/2008 09:25 AM

nanog <nanog at merit.edu>

Re: eigrp and managed ethernet

What is really bizarre is that I am down for minutes not seconds and the 
timers never fire. If I don't manually passive the connection eigrp will 
for some reason think there is a neighbor even though I am unable to 
source ping across the WAN.

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Correct. Eigrp neighbor connectivity has a short-cut when L2 connectivity 
goes down, otherwise it will use the eigrp neighbor hold-down timer. You 
can decrease that timer:

interface fa0/0
  ip hello-interval eigrp p x
  ip hold-time eigrp p y

where p is your eigrp as-number, and x is how often you want the hello (in 
seconds) and y is the max hold-down timer. Generally y is = x * 3


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For some reason when I lose layer 3 connectivity between two managed 
Ethernet sites EIGRP does not bounce.Is this because the physical 
interface does not bounce?


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