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On Mon, 22 Sep 2008 17:00:35 CDT, Justin Shore said:

> There may not be a law preventing you from asking him for proof of 
> legitimate customers, but there is a law preventing him from answering 
> you.  Google for CPNI and "red flag".

Hmm... I'm not sure how "Yes, XYZ is a customer of mine" qualifies as
a "red flag" question for identity theft.  I'm also not sure how "XYZ is
a customer" qualifies as CPNI, which (according to the first few pages of
Google hits) comprises things like calling/billing records. says:
For clarity, a "record" in this section is the same thing as a "call log" or a
"text log." A "phone record" typically includes: date, time, sender geographic
location, recipient phone number, recipient geographic location, and duration
of call. A "text record" includes: date, time, and recipient phone number.

Nope. Doesn't seem like "xyz is a customer" qualifies there... says:

Space does not permit an extended review of the FTC rules here, but they apply
to "creditors" who maintain ongoing accounts with customers for repeated
transactions. Cell phone accounts are offered by the rules as one example of a
"covered" account which is subject to the rules. If a business maintains such
"covered accounts" it must comply with the new rules to prevent identity theft
of its account holders.

Hmm... "xyz is a customer" doesn't seem to run afoul of that either.

Feel free to enlighten me about what I missed here?

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