YAY! Re: Atrivo/Intercage: NO Upstream depeer

Mark Foo mark.foo.dog at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 18:27:53 CDT 2008

On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 12:46:54PM -0700, Emil Kacperski wrote:
> Hey James,
> That's the worst part in all this, so many been with me for years!? I just
put my fate into companies I shouldn't have.


Yes, they have been with you for years -- it's quite unfortunate, such great

Take those customers who steal identity from the public -- did you get a
cut, or just the hosting fees?

Next, move to those who host trojans, rogue antivirus, bill people for fake
(and keep billing them), etc. Oh, and the ad-ware, despite being a lower
security risk, it was
some of the most hated stuff out there.

I'd say you have put your fate into companies you shouldn't have -- not just
your fate but your business.
This is the logical result (actually, this is just the start). I'm surprised
it took so long.

You can't wash away years of malicious activity by simply claiming innocence
and disconnecting
some of your worst offenders.

Male parta male dilabuntur.

For the NANOG folks who apparently don't understand what is going on and are
easily socially engineered by these claims of innocence -- do a little


Here's some research for you:
Complaints on Intercage/Atrivo from 2003:
Re: The in-your-face hijacking example

>From 2006:
More super rogue anti-spyware

Be on the lookout for another new supposed anti-spyware program that might
be hijacking desktops any day now.
This one is called PestTrap and it.s a clone of SpySheriff. SpySheriff was
one of the top 10 rogue anti-spyware apps of 2005,
coming in at number 2.

PestTrap site is hosted at IP address which belongs to an ISP
in California, InterCage, Inc., formerly know
n as Atrivo.  Note the nameservers are mail.atrrivo.com and pavel.atrivo.com

    OrgName:    InterCage, Inc.
    OrgID:      INTER-359
    Address:    1955 Monument Blvd.
   Address:    #236
    City:       Concord
    StateProv:  CA
    PostalCode: 94520
    Country:    US

Not surprisingly, SpySheriff.com (link to whois) is hosted at InterCage, and
we have SpyTrooper.com on the same
IP address, The other domain on the IP is Spy-Sheriff.com.
This IP is also currently blacklisted.

    InterCage, Inc. INTERCAGE-NETWORK-GROUP (NET-69-50-160-0-1)
    William Lu STANDARDSHELLS (NET-69-50-170-0-1)

The Intercage.com (link to site) home page is white and blank except for "."
in the upper left corner.  Now, that seems odd to me.
An ISP with a blank homepage? Google searches for Intercage.com and
Intercage, Inc. bring up all kinds of interesting links.
A Google search for Atrivo produces even more  fascinating information like
this and this.  More on this one later.

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