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> Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 11:42:33 -0400
> From: "Goltz, Jim (NIH/CIT) [E]" <jgoltz at mail.nih.gov>
> > nice to see a wholesale DNSSEC rollout underway (I must confess to
> > being a little surprised at the source, too!). Granted, it's a much
> > more manageable problem set than, say, .com - but if one US-controlled
> > TLD can do it, hope is buoyed for a .com rollout sooner rather than
> > later (although probably not much sooner :)).
> It ain't done yet.
> I don't speak for the hostmasters of .gov or any subdomain thereof.
> But I'll believe it when I see it.

I am pretty sure that you will see it. Unlike things like the IPv6
requirement, there are no waivers available for this. '.gov' must be
signed early next year and all zones delegated from the '.gov' GTLD must
be signed in early 2010. I doubt that many will sign until '.gov' is
signed, so you won't see much change for a few months.

Now, if the DOC people responsible for root would just catch a clue, we
could get that signed and have DNSSEC actually usable (except for
Mr. Metcalf) in a significant part of the US network before I retire.

> Remember, they've also "mandated" IPv6 support on all backbones.

Yes, and the goal, relatively insignificant that it was, was met. It was
not a requirement that anyone actually use IPv6, only that the agency
backbone networks be able to carry IPv6. In fact, the wording was such
that doing proper routing was not even really needed.  

Our backbone has offered IPv6 as a production service since 2002, so it
was a non-effort for us. Most other agency backbones were pretty trivial
to make "IPv6 capable".

The problem is that only the backbone currently needs IPv6. No facility
network or end host needs it, No network service needs it. No IPv6
packets, even routing updates, need to be delivered in any useful
way. It was a pretty trivial goal and was met with very little effort.
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