Atrivo/Intercage: NO Upstream depeer

Matt Jonkman jonkman at
Sun Sep 21 18:58:21 CDT 2008

I will do so. Look forward to the tour.


Russell Mitchell wrote:
> Matt:
> I've already put this offer up. I'll be more then happy to meet up at
> our datacenter and take you through our space.
> What I find funny is, your the first one whom participated in the recent
> reports to actually take up and respond to us.
> I've emailed Garth and Jart, and both of them refused to respond.
> I emailed both of them requesting the same information they gave to
> Directi. If they were able to provide Directi with a list of 20,000+
> domains from their control that were abusive, why can't they provide US
> directly with a single 1?
> Then, release a joint-statement talking about how the companies need to
> come together to combat the abusive activities across the net, yet when
> we extend our hand and open up our network, we don't even get a response!
> Directi went from being a "partner in crime" with us to being a great
> anti-abuse supporting company. How can YOU claim that WE don't do
> anything, if you won't report your findings in the first place? Got
> recent stuff? Why are you willing to give it now that we're OFFLINE?
> What can we do about it NOW at this very minute?
> You tell me when your going to be in San Francisco, and I'll make myself
> available.
> Thank you for your time. Have a great day.
> ---
> Russell Mitchell
> InterCage, Inc.
> P.S. I just realized all my responses to earlier people like Gadi and
> them were direct and not cc to NANOG. Will "Reply to all" now :)
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> Russell Mitchell wrote:
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>> Matt:
>> It's very sad that your PROUD of you contribution to the supposed
> "white paper" on our company. I'd like to know, was any of your
> "contribution" to the report altered, or mis-represented, or are you
> truly unaware of how false the information you provided was?
>> Care to have verified it? or are you a Spamhaus admin like John Reid
> who has that magic stick to make a claim and attack anyone who objects
> to it with the truth?
> I'd love to, but nanog isn't the place. I'll be in san fran in the near
> future. Lets sit down over a beer, I'll bring the research and you can
> look it over yourself. That would be far more productive than this. I
> think a few other folks would love to meet up with you as well. Maybe
> Emil can join us too?
> It's easy to insinuate from behind a keyboard. Lets get down to facts.
> But take this off nanog. This is NOT the place for it. Let me know when
> you'l be in town, I'll schedule my travel in that direction to meet up soon.
> Matt
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