Atrivo/Intercage: NO Upstream depeer

Russell Mitchell russm2k8 at
Sun Sep 21 17:17:02 CDT 2008

To date, I have never heard of the "DroneBL". I have NEVER received any report from any entity referring to that. The last report for a bot on our network was an EggDrop bot a week or so ago. The report was from the IRC Network Operator, and asked to have it removed from his network because it seemed to be 'forgotten'. It was sitting in a dead channel that hasn't had any activity for months.
He did NOT claim any abuse.

I'll be more then happy to monitor DroneBL, or have digests or reports from them in regards to our network.


It's very sad that your PROUD of you contribution to the supposed "white paper" on our company. I'd like to know, was any of your "contribution" to the report altered, or mis-represented, or are you truly unaware of how false the information you provided was?
Care to have verified it? or are you a Spamhaus admin like John Reid who has that magic stick to make a claim and attack anyone who objects to it with the truth?

If you want to see REAL Cyber Crime, take a look at what you caused Matt. Take a good look at Spamhaus, and tell me that they're entirely legitimate with their business. Oh, I forgot, they're a "Not-for-profit organization" that DOESN'T do business in the USA, nor has any clientel in the USA.


There is absolutely no sense in arguing and biquering over all this crap that you guys have caused with your misinformation and false claims.
I don't know how to make this any simpler: If you see abuse from our network, report it to US. If you report it to an upstream, they'll just drop it back down to us. Obviously, we can't do anything right now with our network being OFFLINE.. But I'm dying to see who comes up with some abuse that originated from our network in this downtime! Who will be first!? Spamhaus?

Thanks again for all your time and comments. Hopefully, you all will straighten up your act, cause clearly and truthfully, we've been straight the entire time.
Russell Mitchell

InterCage, Inc.


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