Atrivo/Intercage: NO Upstream depeer

Matt Jonkman jonkman at
Sun Sep 21 16:32:26 CDT 2008

Emil Kacperski wrote:
> Don't believe everything you read.  I have unfortunately been a target over the years
> because I rented machines to Esthost.  But the stories made up are way out there.
> It's all very easy a dedicated server / customer relationship - nothing more.

I don't have to believe what I read. I did the research, and I helped
write the reports. Have to say I'm VERY proud of contributing to getting
you offline.

It's not just estdomains. In fact very little of them is related to you.
It's the botnet controllers, spam, phishing sites, etc. If you think
those things trivial then you need to remain offline.

> Never did I ignore anymore from the abuse community.  Go ahead and find me
> a IP address that did any spam or anything.  You won't find it, I can't remember
> the last time I got any Spamcop complaints.  Not even going to mention Spamhaus
> because we all know there abuse.

You ignored MY abuse complaints. You ignored MY emails to cooperate in
getting your net cleaned up. I have HUNDREDS of malware samples using
your nets as CnC just in the last few months! So rather than wasting my
time emailing your abuse blackhole I helped write a report about you.

Time well spent I think.

> "We asked a handful of Intercage's most vocal critics if they sent take
> down requests to Kacperski. None said yes. "In his defense, what may
> have finally happened is that malware researchers stopped bothering to
> report" abusive sites," Eckelberry says."

They didn't ask me. I sent plenty. And if you read his full comments I'm
sure he goes on to say "because they were tired of having their time
wasted by you ignoring them for YEARS!"

But this thread isn't what nanog is for. We should end this here, until
Emil finds someone else willing to peer his crap. Then we can decide how
to get that handled.


> None said YES!  That pretty much sums it all up.  Maybe I could of reached out
> more, I guess that was my mistake.  But it surely is impossible to deal with if
> you have to deal with people like John Reid.
> Thanks!  
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