LoA (Letter of Authorization) for Prefix Filter Modification?

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Wed Sep 17 03:24:01 CDT 2008

Joe Greco wrote:
> How do you verify the authenticity of anything?  This is a common problem
> in the Real World, and is hardly limited to LoA's.
> How do you prove that what was on Pages 1 to (N-1) of an N page contract
> contained the words you think they said?  I knew a guy, back in the early
> days, who habitually changed the SLA's in his contracts so that he could
> cancel a contract for virtually no reason at all ... the folly of mailing
> around contracts as .doc files in e-mail.  But even failing that, it's
> pretty trivial to reprint a document, so where do you stop, do you use
> special paper, special ink, watermarking of documents, initial each page,
> all of the above, etc?

what about using a digital signation of e.g. a pdf version of a scan?

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