Atrivo/Intercage: Now Only 1 Upstream

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at
Tue Sep 16 23:31:55 CDT 2008

On 16/09/2008, at 10:17 PM, *Hobbit* wrote:

> So in cases like this where the community appears to agree that  
> there's
> a consistently bad apple, what's preventing everyone from simply
> nullrouting the netblocks in question and imposing the death penalty?

Dunno - but something did occur to me this morning on the drive into  

Maybe there's another approach to this problem.  Maybe, rather than  
having the antispam/virus vendors do non-real world lab tests we could  
get them all to donate some kit to whomever is the unlucky transit- 
provider du jour and see how well it works providing a nice clean feed  
and who's better at it?  ;-)

Matthew Moyle-Croft Internode/Agile Peering and Core Networks

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