community real-time BGP hijack notification service

Gadi Evron ge at
Tue Sep 16 10:52:24 CDT 2008

On Fri, 12 Sep 2008, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Looks interesting, but it only takes a fairly short list of ASNs for a
> prefix. For our big CIDR blocks, we have WAY too many ASNs to enter them
> all, so it's pretty useless for me. I need to be able to enter at very
> least a dozen ASes and I suspect may folks have a LOT more then that.

We made many fixes over the last few days, as well as added a few more 
feeds. Any volunteers to give us more feeds? :)

One of the fixes is that you can add many more ASs now, which should 
resolve your previous issues.

Please let us know if you find any other problems or think of 
any suggestions, big and small.


> For now, I'll enter some shorter pieces from the block, but I'm most
> concerned with the pieces that are not currently assigned, so are
> available for hijack. I have added the larger, unassigned blocks. I'll
> start adding assigned bits and pieces as well as unassigned pieces, but
> being able to put all valid origin ASes in the list for the full blocks
> would be a lot nicer.
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