Anyone know Wiltel's EWAN service

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Tue Sep 16 08:44:43 CDT 2008

La as in Los Angeles? Or Louisiana?

There we're numerous strange issues last night in Los Angeles  with T-Mobile that were caused by att loosing some oc12 circuits.

That could have affected other carriers I'm sure.  
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I have EWAN circuits of Wiltel(currently same company with Level3 you know) as my backbone circuit in LA.
About 2 months ago, there were some packet loss on L2 circuit, but I didn't get any clear answer from Level3 support center.
It became okey without any action, but now, same problem happen again.  I feel bored, I need your help.  
Anyone know if there are any problems of WilTel's L2 circuit on LA area ?  or 
Could anyone advice me the contact person who know well EWAN configuration of Wiltel ?
Frankly, I felt Level3 guys seems to be unfamiliar with EWAN circuit of Wiltel.

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