Internet Traffic Begins to Bypass the U.S.

Mark Prior mrp at
Tue Sep 16 08:15:36 CDT 2008

Jean-François Mezei wrote:

>> For instance, out of Australia we have a single, old cable going West 
>> out of Perth to Singapore (SEA-ME-WE3) which allows only low speed 
>> circuits, 
> Was there any thought about building cables to singapore from darwin now
> that it has had fibre links to the rest of australia for over a decade ?

There are two old cable systems heading out from Western Australia (MMC
forgot JASURAUS).

Darwin is a monopoly zone, only Telstra have capacity into it although
others have thought about it (assuming the government stumps up some
cash). The technical issue with submarine cables out of Darwin is
avoiding the Timor Trench. It makes more sense for a lot of reasons to
head out of Perth if you want to go west.


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