Today's Point-2Point WAN Options

Chris Kleban Chris.Kleban at
Mon Sep 15 18:33:26 CDT 2008

Hello Nanog,

I'm currently looking into what are the options for enabling inter-datacenter communication.

Our current solution is to use ipsec/gre tunnels traversing over the Internet. The specific needs the new solution must meet are:

- The ability to run end-to-end QOS.
- Dedicated bandwidth
- Support 1gbps transfer rates
- Enable communication between 3 locations

The options I have looked into so far are:

- Layer 2 Ethernet (Virtual Private Line): This service seems to be offered by a lot of ISPs using various networking techniques. The price point is attractive however packets are forwarded only at best effort across the ISP's network which means the quality of the service will directly reflect the ISP's network performance.
- Traditional Leased Line (dsX/ocX): This service seems to be more expensive then wavelength services however meets my needs.
- WaveLength Services (oc3-10gig): This service seems to be cheaper then traditional leased lines when comparing similar bandwidth. However, availability is limited to on-net buildings. This solution meets my needs.
- MPLS based VPN solutions: Seems to be a good point to multipoint technology with QOS offerings. However, the price seems to be around the same as wavelength services for the amount of bandwidth we require. If the number of data centers we were looking to connect was larger then this option would be more attractive. This solution meets my needs.

Based on my needs and what my options are I am leaning towards point to point wavelength services connecting my 3 locations in a loop like fashion.

Are there any other options I should consider?

Are my descriptions of the today's possible solutions inaccurate?

Are there any thoughts on today's pricing that differs then my findings?

Chris Kleban

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