Identifying when netblocks have been assigned

Frank Bulk frnkblk at
Sat Sep 13 13:06:39 CDT 2008

No problem, I had my coffee 2 hours ago.

1) I would prefer e-mail, and ideally on-demand querying from a web form.
And even more pie in the sky, something like Google Trends (i.e.
that shows the quantity of IP addresses that are being advertised over time.
2) Basically I would sign up for certain AS' and be informed when new blocks
are added, or when blocks stop being advertised (for a full 24-hour period,
I don't think there's value in seeing when it's withdrawn and re-advertised
in one day).  There might be some people that want to know when a block is
first advertised, but that's less likely unless they're tracking the
de-BOGON announcements.



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      On Sat, 13 Sep 2008, Bill Woodcock wrote:
    > By that, I mean that they could be run daily, and specific results
    > to people who were interested in following the allocation patterns for
    > specific organizations, any time there was a match.

Following up on my own post for the second time tells me that I'm posting
too early in the morning, or without the recommended seven-second
broadcast delay between brain and fingers, but...  My colleagues have
reminded me that we already built this system two years ago, and it
produces an RSS feed, rather than email results.  Also, that we hadn't
done as much as we should do to provide filtering tools to narrow down the
results.  So, two questions for the community:

    1) Would people prefer to receive these results via email, or RSS, or
       some other mechanism?

    2) What would the structure of the query or filter look like, ideally?
       What key would you like to be querying on, and how would you like
       the results focused?


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