Identifying when netblocks have been assigned

Frank Bulk frnkblk at
Sat Sep 13 12:59:42 CDT 2008

Ok, so not so simple. =)

I'm not familiar with the layout of PCH's data (I did find some .gz files,
so I presume that's the data that's gathered on a daily basis), but if I
was, I would have to take the divide-and-conquer approach for a certain AS
to find out when a block was first announced.  

I'm guessing that I would have to do the hard work.  Perhaps Renesys is
already doing this? (but for a fee).



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      On Sat, 13 Sep 2008, Bill Woodcock wrote:
    > Those are both very simple reports to run from PCH's existing
    > and data-feeds.

By that, I mean that they could be run daily, and specific results emailed
to people who were interested in following the allocation patterns for
specific organizations, any time there was a match.


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